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Looking for an answer to the question "Where am I now?" Need to know your current location on the map? Wondering about the latitude and the longitude of your current location? My location pin shows where you are now if possible.

My location is: 0.0, 0.0

My location

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My Latitude and Longitude

0.0, 0.0

My GPS Coordinates

0.0, 0.0

Want to share this information with your friends? The website where-am-i.net is a very simple tool to find out your correct geographic location on the map.

There is nothing you should do: by using your log information, the map below will show my current location on the surface of our planet.

Regardless of where you are at the moment, somewhere high in mountains or somewhere deep in forests, in the extreme North or in hot deserts of Africa, you'll get a very fast and absolutely correct answer to the question, what is my current location on map. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a device with a web browser.

After you let where-am-i.net show your location, my location now with latitude and longitude will appear in the form above. To see your location on the map you have to let your browser share your location.

Mozilla location permission

Now you can also get your GPS coordinates of your current location degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS).

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Jonathan 2019-12-01 09:22:04

An idea for your developers.
if you had a page that you go to which creates a single use link (per visit) that you can share with someone you are trying to meet, but for various reasons are both lost - eg both visiting a city and got separated. you'd send your friend the link via txt and then go back to the page and wait. when your freind clicks on the link, it asks permission for their location, and then asks if it's ok to share that with the person who sent them the link (you). if they say yes, it sends their location via the internet to the page you are sitting there waiting on (and displays it). perhaps then an option to link through to google maps so you can use to get directions.

i know there are apps that do this, but the idea is to have a web service that you can send to anyone with a smartphone, and with their permission, get their location - they know it's you as the message came from your number, and they already know you.

jeff 2019-11-30 06:09:26

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i am 1

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