Where Am I?

About Us

I bet, every one of us at least once in this life was in the situation when the question where am i now was the only something in the mind. There are certain situations when we really need to know our current location: this can be when we come to a new locality or need to find some new place, when we want to meet with someone and are trying to explain where exactly we are at the moment, and so on. As an answer to these problems, we – a small group of internet enthusiasts – created this website, which is very easy to use for everyone, regardless of how good Internet user you are.

Did you find yourself lost out on the streets of a foreign town? Did you get lost in the area of your new University campus and need to find out Where I am now on map? Do you want to remember a location of your new friend’s house? That's when we come in! Wherever on earth you can be, we got you covered and will give you a helping hand in finding your exact location. Please, enter our simple website and allow it to find out the point where you currently are. It is very easy and requires no efforts at all to find out this information.

If you spotted a mistake in the website reflecting your current location, or find anything unclear, please, immediately let us know about that. We would also be very glad to receive any kind of suggestion or an idea about how to improve the function of our website in order to make it more helpful to you and our other users.

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